The Danish World Music Association is a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing and promoting world music and the related dance-forms in Denmark.

The association was founded in 1992 by a group of musicians, dancers and journalists. It is recognised by the Ministry of Culture as the official interest group for world music and receives a yearly subsidy. The association operates alongside similar associations representing rock, jazz, folk and experimental music. The association supports professional Danish world music bands, by subsidising tariff payments, international tours and promotion, seminars and educational programmes for musicians.

In cooperation with DCCD – Danish Center for Culture and Development – and the association of Danish music clubs, the Danish World Music Association is the senior partner and host organization of the annual event, presenting international and Danish world music on clubs all over Denmark. The is incorporated into the bi-annual multicultural nationwide festival Images of the World

Membership is individual and members include musicians, dancers, organisations, promoters, journalists and others with a special interest in world music.

The Danish World Music Association operates in close co-operation with Djembe, the quarterly Danish world music magazine. News from the association is a permanent feature in “Verdenspressen” (the World Press) pages of Djembe. All members of the association receive Djembe.

Homepage and database
The association is constantly updating its catalogue of Danish world music bands The home page features general information and news about world music in Denmark, including further information on all the bands presented on this CD. The office can also provide an updated database with names, postal, e-mail and home page addresseses, telephone and fax numbers on artists, booking agencies, festivals, radio and TV stations, newspapers and magazines, record distributors, public and professional organisations with special interest in world music.

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